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Business Taster Recap: Your Hair Coach

What strategies do you use to ensure consistent and exceptional customer service? Chrissy Heathorn from Your Hair Coach recently presented to our group as part of our monthly Business Taster Sessions. She discussed simple, low-cost ways to effect positive change for your…

Reverse Mortgages

What is a reverse equity mortgage?

Feeling the pinch? Thinking about applying for a reverse equity mortgage? Marie Donovan says she’s had a few enquiries about reverse mortgages from Ōmokoroa residents in the previous months. So what is a reverse mortgage?

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Why is it important to work with an HR expert?

Can you suspend an employee? Should a resignation be in writing? What is workplace bullying? Do I always need to ask for a referee when I employ someone? Marion from Write answers some of the frequently asked questions she gets from her clients, and explains why it’s important to work with an HR expert.

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