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Should I apply for a loan with a mortgage adviser or my bank?

Over time, experience levels have dropped at banks. It is difficult to make an appointment with your banker or they won’t come to you. Your set of circumstances may not fit with the credit policies of that one lender – resulting in a decline.

With a mortgage advisor however, you will get expert knowledge when you need it most. As an adviser I can present your information in a way that increases your chance of approval. It is my job to keep up with the lenders policies and legislative changes. Lending has got a lot more complex.  

As an adviser I work for you, not the bank. I can often find solutions for customers who have been turned down by their bank. I get paid by the bank for bringing them the business. It is in my best interests to get you a positive result.

A mortgage adviser has access to hundreds of loan products through 30 + lenders all accessible after having a conversation with one person and completing one application form. By applying through a mortgage adviser, you get more flexibility with less hassle saving time and reducing stress.

Marie Donovan from Loan Market
Marie Donovan from Loan Market

Latest tips and updates from the sector:

  • ANZ has recently launched version two of their product called Blueprint to Build. If you are buying a new build off the plans as a turnkey project or as a construction loan with regular drawdowns you need to be aware to this ANZ offering. You could qualify for significant interest rate discounts on new lending. Contact me for a flyer with more information.
  • Disclaimer- I am not a tax expert, but it is also worth having a conversation with your accountant regarding the tax advantages of a new build as an investment property vs buying an existing home as an investment property.

Marie Donovan from Loan Market has worked in finance for over 30 years, lives with her husband in Whakamarama, and also owns an avocado orchard. She has her level 5 certificate in lending and is a registered financial adviser. She is legally obliged to work in your best interests and will always ask if you have a preference of where you would like to bank. Wherever that may be using my expertise increases your chance of success. For more information visit the website, or email

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